Landry the Therapy Dog

Landry has been working along side our team of therapists since November of 2020 when she was only 6 weeks old. She was born in Clarksville Tennessee near Fort Campbell and was bred to assist military and first responders. Her parents were the two smartest dogs her breeder "Bill" has ever owned and Landry has certainly inherited an extremely high dog IQ. Besides her cognitive abilities, Landry has learned to read the needs of our clients, whether it be to calm anxiety or to engage in play. On many occasions, Landry lends a helping paw. She has recently learned to open doors and drops in on sessions when requested. She is sweet, funny, loving, crazy and lives to serve humans. 

Since birth, Landry has received a protocol called "Biosensor Training", which is why she is referred to as a "Super Dog." (Heightened senses, intelligence and physical resilience) If you are a dog lover, feel free to request Landry in your sessions.


So what is this miracle routine?

The Biosensor Routine is a series of five simple exercises. They are performed on each puppy once a day, starting at three days of age. Each exercise lasts a minimum of three seconds to a maximum of five seconds per exercise. The last exercise is completed on the 16th day. The way that the Super Puppy Routine works is that it puts the neonatal puppies under a very small and very controlled amount of stress. Because the stress is mild, the puppies are able to recover from it quickly and easily. This allows the puppies to learn to cope with and recover from small amounts of stress at an early age. This, in turn, helps them use these coping mechanisms later in life when dealing with higher levels and intensities of stress. The ability to cope with stress as an adult has a positive effect on the body. Because the dog is able to cope and rebound, the body isn’t flooded with stress hormones (which hinder thought, cognition, reasoning, immune system functioning, maturity, growth, healing, recovery from illness and injury, and other life processes).

It should only be performed once a day, no longer than five seconds per exercise. Too much stress on a neonate can have negative effects, so to help keep the level of stress manageable, use the minimal amount. Below is a list of the different exercises with a description of each.

Additional Training:

Landry has been trained by local Dog Whisperer Matt Fischer, who she will continue to see for "Service Dog" certification. She responds to both verbal and hand commands. 

Landry the Therapy Dog

Our offices are routinely cleaned and vacuumed. We also have state of the art air purifiers in every office to reduce the risk of allergies. 

Couch Time

Landry Running

10 Weeks Old

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